When I was a kid, I traveled all over Asia and the Pacific Rim with my dad, who was a great adventurer. He would do anything, eat anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone. He often came up with these crazy ideas, and he would look at me with a huge grin, and ask ‘So, what’s the worst that can happen?’

I learned my wanderlust from him. And my disturbing lack of any sense of self-preservation. I do have some fantastic adventures, though.

Once upon a time I was a museum curator. Now I sometimes teach college history whilst working on a PhD in medieval history and landscape archaeology. Sometimes I dig stuff up. Sometimes I stand around gawking at ruins. I take a lot of pictures in the process, and I figured I could put all of that here.  I’ll include occasional stories about my dad, who set this whole mess in motion, and is the welcome voice of chaos in my mind when things begin to get too stable for adventure to happen.